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Leasing, loan for trailer - we can guarantee the fixed rate of installments

For all types of cargo trailers we provide good financing through financial leasing, consumer loan or installment sales. We provide financing to private persons, entrepreneurs and legal entities.

The downpayment for entrepreneurs ranges between 10% - 70% of the total price including APR from 7,9%. The repayment lenght is variable ranging from 6 to 72 months. For the 10% downpayment we do not require economic statements or guarantors.

The actual conclusion of leasing, loan agreement takes place in our company on the spot upon presenting following documents. Parts of the leasing payment are very good car accident and liability insurance.

AUTOVIA s.r.o. is an independent consumer credit intermediary.

  Why to get a leasing or a loan with AUTOVIA?

  1. extended quarantee for 4 years!
  2. participation fee
  3. use your cash for development of your business activity
  4. better insurance conditions of leasing subject, than the individual insurance company client
  5. accidental (accident, theft, natural disaster) and mandatory insurance throughout whole Europe is included in the leasing installments
  6. inflation risk bears the leasing company, the client pays a fixed installments during the leasing period
  7. fixed insurance payment for entire duration of the contract
  8. loan - trailer becomes your property immediately - is suitable for companies, communities, budget organizations, transportation companies and other entities with option to draw funds from grant programs
  9. individual repayment period is from 6 months to 72 months
  10. option of early repayments and termination of contract, only the borrowed amount of money will bear interest
  11. one-time deduction of VAT at the beginning of your repayment
  12. for businesses, we offer faster, more flexible approach without submitting tax returns and financial statements, after down payment of 10%, unlike financing through bank loans
  13. we save your time - there is possibility to approve contract by phone for customers outside Pilsen

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In individual months you can use special leasing or installment sales offers.


 What do you need to enter into a lease or loan agreement?

Private person

  • identity card
  • driving license
  • telephone number
  • last three payslips / pension assessment
Physical person
  • business license or concession deed
  • Certificate of VAT registration (in case of VAT payer)
  • valid identity card
  • valid driving license or passport
  • telephone number

Legal entity

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of VAT registration (in case of VAT payer)
  • valid ID of the executive
  • valid driving license or passport of the executive
  • telephone number

More information about trailers financing conditions provided on 377 828 103 - 4 or 608 861 470.