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I have long experience in the production and sales of trailers has 1997

We trailers and flatbed various types and sizes. 

There is no problem to produce a normal flatbed for passenger car, a five-meter or eight-meter trailer larger equipment transporter for horses, cattle, dogs, tipping trailers for the transport of bulk materials, conveyor cars, sports cars or mini.

Wishing you practically anything

Just contact us to agree on the details and clear specification of your requirements.

You select the parameters, and soon you can come for a brand new trailer, or select a spot from a wide range of manufactured trailers in different variants.

For our customers buyout offer trade-ins of used trailers of all types without limitation production year.

Autovia is an authorized service center

by AL-KO Kober and Knott. We provide warranty and post-warranty repairs of trailers up to 3.5 tons.

Order spare parts and some types of trailers can be via e-shop. If you arrive in person to the headquarters of Beet Street 36 in Pilsen, you can directly in the view area of more than 20,000m2 through seven hundred and fifty exhibited typical trailers.


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Přívěsný vozík za osobní auto PV Basic 750kg N1  2,04x1,09/0,34

1090 x 2040 x 340
10 620 CZK VAT excl.

All funding options on these pages are calculated for businesses with an initial payment of between 10% - 70% of the purchase price with APR of 7.9%.